Dear Guest,  


For your wellbeing during such unusual time, we have delivered to you a special culinary experience. It is important that you read the whole instructions before you have your dinner:

Dishes are freshly made. Please enjoy the food as soon as possible

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mung bean noodle / shiro ebi / curry / vanilla oil

bean cassoulet / salty clam / culatello / cep mushroom

seared scallop / garlic espuma



grilled veal tenderloin / parsnip sauce / grilled scallion / veal jus


tooth fish / red lentil puree / daikon sauce / grilled scallion


natto parfait / red bean / yuba / soy sauce Okinawa sugar glaze

We hope you enjoy this specially designed dinner at home by COBO HOUSE and we look forward to welcoming you in person for a full epicurean experience of our Unspoken Menu.

With warmest regards, The COBO HOUSE team